5v5 Rules PDF Academy League 2020-21

Fields Dimensions:

25 yds wide x 40 yds Long

Penalty Area: Box measuring 2-3 yds from each post. 6 yds from the goal line.

Penalty Spot: 8 yds away from goal line

Ball Size: 4  

Duration: Two 25 Minutes Halves - 5 Mtes halftime

Jerseys: Home team wears Dark - Away team wears white. In case of a conflict the team that has the wrong kit must adjust accordingly.

No Heading - No Punting - No Offside

Out of Bounds Rule: 

PDF rules will incorporate this ruling for out of bounds plays on the sideline and for corners. Once the ball is out of bounds a player may retrieve the ball and bring it back to the side of the field. Once the ball has fully stopped the player has 2 options:

Option 1 – player can pass the ball inbounds keeping it below the referees waist height.

Option 2 – player can make the decision to dribble the ball inbounds, once they have touched the ball the game is live. 

Defenders must try to retreat 5 yards away from the ball once the ball has been stopped, No

Player-Staff Cards and Covid-19 Protocol: 

Each participant in the PDF Academy League players, and coaches, volunteers must be registered, and carded  with US Club Soccer. 

Additionally, all participating teams must be responsible to fill out a Health Assessment Form for each individual participant prior to each match. Each club can have their own protocol in making sure each and every individual has completed a health assessment within their program prior to completing the PDF Games weekly assessment Google form.

Coaches and Parents Behavior:

 It is very important to remember that the PDF is a Developmental League for Players, Refs, coaches, and parents. We will not allow poor behavior on anyone’s part. Coaches and Clubs are expected to work together to improve the soccer environment for the players. In cases where scores become lopsided please do one of the following: 

1. Add a player or players to the team that is getting beat until the score becomes more balanced. 

2. Remove a player from the team that is dominating the game. Not ideal for playing time if the team has several subs. 

3. Teams can also borrow players from other teams playing to make the game more balanced. 4. Ultimately we want the coaches to work together to ensure the experience is a positive one for all players. 

5. The league will review brackets and reposition teams in a few weeks to hopefully rectify the situation if it persists. 

6. Coaches and clubs not working together will not be allowed to participate in the PDF.