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May 3rd Game Schedules have been updated



Play Dates/Cost

  • February 15, 22

  • March 1, 8, 22, 29

  • April 12, 19, 26

  • Cost $225 per team


Bear Branch Park:  5200 Research Forest Dr, The Woodlands, TX 77381

Dyess Park: 16822 Kitzman Road, Cypress, Texas 77429 Dyess Park Field Map

Houston Express Fields

  • SC:  South Campus 10001 Stella Link Rd 77025
  • NC5W and NC5E:  North Campus - McGovern 7200 Braes Blvd 77025
  • NC8, NC7W, and NC7E:  North Campus - Pershing Middle School 3838 Blue Bonnet Blvd 77025
  • POMS11 and POMS12:  Pin Oak Middle School 4601 Glenmont St 77401

Houston Express Field Maps

Game Day Reminders:

  • All games are 50 minute games.  Two 25 minute halves
  • Off sides is called in All Games
  • Home team wears club colors and away team wears white.
  • All clubs, coaches, and players must be registered with US Club Soccer.
  • Weather line number is 281-520-4043
  • U8 and U9 play 7v7
  • U10 play 8v8
  • All coaches, parents and players should have fun!
  • No shouting at the Refs

Goal Kick Rule:  The restraining line is halfway between the top of the box and the midfield line.  Coaches should mark this distance with cones before the start of the game.  Violation of this rule will result in a retake.

Kick-in Rule:  PDF will use Kick-ins instead of throw-ins.  The intent is to restart the game on the ground as soon as possible.  The ball must stay below the waist.  A violation will result in a retake.  Defenders must be 8 yards from the kick.  Players can be called offsides on this kick.

No Punt Rule:  Keepers can not punt the ball.  Defensive team must drop back to the goal kick retraining line before the keeper is required to distribute the ball.  Violation by either team results in a retake. 

PDF Parks:

Bear Branch Field Map Click Here

Katy Park address is:  24927 Morton Road, Katy, TX 77493

Meyer Park address is: 7700 Cypresswood Rd., Spring, TX 77379

Coaches and Parents Behavior:  It is very important to remember that the PDF is a Developmental League for Players, Refs, coaches, and parents.  We will not allow poor behavior on anyone's part.  Coaches and Clubs are expected to work together to improve the soccer environment for the players.

In cases where scores become lopsided please do one of the following:

  1. Add a player or players to the team that is getting beat until the score becomes more balanced.
  2. Remove a player from the team that is dominating the game.  Not ideal for playing time if the team has several subs.
  3. Teams can also borrow players from other teams playing to make the game more balanced. 
  4. Ultimately we want the coaches to work together to ensure the experience is a positive one for all players.
  5. The league will review brackets and reposition teams in a few weeks to hopefully rectify the situation if it persists. 
  6. Coaches and clubs not working together will not be allowed to participate in the PDF.

PDF Policies  Click here for the PDF Policies

Club or Academy Directors please email Ashley Fendley, the PDF Administrator at pdfhoustonadmin@gmail.com, with any questions. 

Parents should contact your Club or Academy Director with any questions.



The Player Development Friendlies (PDF) is an initiative set up by Directors of Coaching of clubs in the Houston area who have a vision for their U9/10 players developing their skills and technical play in a safe, comfortable and ‘stress free’ learning environment.

PDF Philosophy

The philosophy of the PDF is to ensure that all the players who participate in the PDF are placed in a professional learning environment where they have their freedom to develop and express their soccer and life skills.

PDF Format

The Format will consist of teams being entered at a level of play as directed by the Directors of Coaching from each individual club.  There will be three levels of play: Gold, and Silver and Bronze (Gold being more developed and Bronze being less developed).  The PDF will schedule friendly games where every team plays games on a weekly basis.  Scores and Standings will not be kept as this is will assist players in their long term development having no expectations of winning placed on them at this early stage of their development. There is no relegation or promotion as Directors of Coaching can choose the entry level of their teams at the start of each season.

Game Conduct

The vision of the clubs by starting the PDF is to offer a quality learning soccer environment free from interference from over enthusiastic coaches who will not let the players develop their skills, techniques and tactical play through self discovery. Parents and coaches through their Directors should be made aware of the aim of the games and be informed that there are no scores nor standings are being kept so winning comes second to development.

Referee Development

Directors should inform their coaches and parents that the league is committed to developing the players and referees in unison.

Small Sided Games

The PDF is committed to providing a small sided games playing environment so that players are given the maximum chance to develop their technical ability. The PDF through the Club Directors of Coaching will work with the STYSA Director of Coaching and ensure the amount of players playing and field size is suitable for enhancing the long term development of the players.  The schedule will be posted for the season on the following website: www.pdfhouston.com

Responsibility Chain

The Directors of Coaching are fully responsible for the behavior of all their players, coaches and parents.  Any grievances or complaints from individual players and parents will be dealt with by that Club DOC.  If there are any inter team or club complaints they should be passed to the PDF Administrator who will then pass them to the PDF Sub committee who will make recommendations for the group if further action is necessary.


The PDF is the ‘vehicle’ that assists in the development of all the players from the participating clubs. The PDF will evolve along with the game of soccer and the DOC of the participating clubs will meet on a regular basis to ensure that the PDF Philosophy remains the overriding factor.