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The philosophy of the Player Development Friendlies (PDF) is to ensure that all the players who participate in the PDF are placed in a professional learning environment where they have their freedom to develop and express their soccer and life skills.

The vision of the clubs by starting the PDF is to offer a quality learning soccer environment free from interference from over enthusiastic coaches who will not let the players develop their skills, techniques and tactical play through self-discovery. Parents and coaches through their Directors should be made aware of the aim of the games and be informed that there are no scores nor standings are being kept so winning comes second to development.

The following Houston area clubs are included in the PDF: Albion Hurricanes FC, ANSA, Challenge Soccer Club, Cedar Stars, Dynamos, RISE Soccer Club, SG1

The PDF is committed to providing a small sided games playing environment so that players are given the maximum chance to develop their technical ability. The PDF through the Club Directors of Coaching will work to ensure the amount of players playing and field size is suitable for enhancing the long term development of the players.

The format will consist of teams being entered at a level of play as directed by the Directors of Coaching from each individual club. There will be three levels of play: Gold, and Silver and Bronze (Gold being more developed and Bronze being less developed). The PDF will schedule friendly games where every team plays games on a weekly basis. Scores and Standings will not be kept as this is will assist players in their long term development having no expectations of winning placed on them at this early stage of their development. There is no relegation or promotion as Directors of Coaching can choose the entry level of their teams at the start of each season.

PDF Houston Board of Directors
Olivier Finidori– President – dynamo14@dynamossoccer.com
Pat O’Toole – DNP – patotoole@challengesoccer.com
Tarik Guendouzi - tarik@risesc.org
Steve Firth sfirth@albionhurricanes.org

League Administrator
Ashley Fendley - pdfhoustonadmin@gmail.com