Spring 2019 Play Dates
February 17, 24
March 3, 10, 24, 31
April 7, 14, 28
May 5


Goal Kick Rule: The restraining line is halfway between the top of the box and the midfield line. Coaches should mark this distance with cones before the start of the game. Violation of this rule will result in a retake.

Out of Bounds Rule: PDF rules will incorporate this ruling for out of bounds plays on the sideline and for corners. Once the ball is out of bounds a player may retrieve the ball and bring it back to the side of the field. Once the ball has fully stopped the player has 2 options:

Option 1 – player can pass the ball inbounds keeping it below the referees waist height
Option 2 – player can make the decision to dribble the ball inbounds, once they have touched the ball the game is live.
Defenders must try to retreat 8 yards away from the ball once the ball has been stopped, players can be offside from an inbound pass.

No Punt Rule: Keepers can not punt the ball. Defensive team must drop back to the goal kick retraining line before the keeper is required to distribute the ball. Violation by either team results in a retake.

Coaches and Parents Behavior: It is very important to remember that the PDF is a Developmental League for Players, Refs, coaches, and parents. We will not allow poor behavior on anyone’s part. Coaches and Clubs are expected to work together to improve the soccer environment for the players.

In cases where scores become lopsided please do one of the following:

  1. Add a player or players to the team that is getting beat until the score becomes more balanced.
  2. Remove a player from the team that is dominating the game. Not ideal for playing time if the team has several subs.
  3. Teams can also borrow players from other teams playing to make the game more balanced.
  4. Ultimately we want the coaches to work together to ensure the experience is a positive one for all players.
  5. The league will review brackets and reposition teams in a few weeks to hopefully rectify the situation if it persists.
  6. Coaches and clubs not working together will not be allowed to participate in the PDF.
Addendum to our rules in compliance with US soccer concussion concerns. *updated 2/19/16

The PDF have taken on board the recommendations by our governing body US Soccer in relation to concussion protocols for our young players. With this intentionally heading the ball will be banned with immediate effect in all PDF games. The official rules on this can be found on our For Parents link and more info can be located here.

All clubs involved in the PDF league agree that our players safety is out first priority and of the utmost importance.

Click here for the PDF Bylaws

The PDF are always looking for like minded clubs to join the league, if you feel your club can meet the criteria below and are interested in joining the league please click HERE and fill out the application. A final decision will be made by the PDF board.

1) US Club soccer registered
2) Minimum of 6 teams able to enter the league . 6 teams shows depth/quality and also lets us know that there will be consistency from year to year.
3) Club has a DOC or director of U8-U10 that will be at all meetings
4) U8-U10 curriculum/ best practices.
5) Club mission statement / philosophy
6) Coaches working with these teams must have suitable qualifications –
US soccer C/D
Nscaa Youth / National

Club or Academy Directors please email Ashley Fendley-Frazier, the PDF Administrator at, with any questions.