PDF Houston Responds to Complaint About League Rules

PDF Houston Responds to Complaint About League Rules

In light of the latest events on Social Media, and the inaccurate ABC13 News report, showing an SG1 female player not being allowed to participate in the PDF League with her team, the PDF Houston League wishes to state the actual facts.

1. The player in question has never been denied an opportunity to play with an SG1 Girls team, and based on the information we have from SG1 she plays games with a Girls team.

2. All clubs participating in the PDF, (AHFC, ANSA, Cedars Stars, Challenge SC, Dynamos SC, SG1 SC, Rise SC) met in the summer to discuss the league format, and potential rule changes. All clubs agreed that there was not a need to allow Girls to play in the Boys League, or Boys playing in the Girls League.

3. It was therefore agreed that the PDF League would have a Girls division, and a Boys division.

4. All clubs participating in the PDF League agreed to obey and follow the League rules, policies, guidelines, and code of conduct.

5. On Sunday February 28, SG1 played a female player in a Boys game which violates our league’s policies, and guidelines, despite getting clarification two weeks prior that it was not allowed at this time in our league. SG1 was reminded of the league policies, and guidelines in that regard. SG1 admitted their staff coach used poor judgment, made an error, apologized for that error, and confirmed it would be corrected. No further action was taken, nor required. Thursday March 4, the Family of the player involved contacted the PDF Board to inquire about the rule, policy. The PDF President responded and informed the family of the league policies, and that each PDF Club is responsible to clearly communicate these policies to their members. Policies that they, as a club agreed upon.

6. On Sunday March 7, SG1 contacted the PDF Board to discuss the policy, and see if there could be dialogue in regards to make an exception for this specific player. The PDF Board, as well as the PDF Clubs met on March 8, to discuss whether or not making an exception in this case, or make changes to our policies would be beneficial to the player, and all the players in our league. The discussion is ongoing, as we always strive to keep an open mind to serve each and every player in our community with the highest sense of fairness, and integrity.

7. After the meeting, the PDF Board invited the Family of the player involved to discuss the issue, and try come up with a resolution that could benefit their Daughter.

The PDF is governed by the Directors of Coaching of each of its member clubs. The PDF Board have always been open minded, and worked with the clubs to provide a league that meets the needs of its members. The league was founded by the clubs who wanted a better league format that focused on the development of the players instead of results. Simply put the clubs have always tried to do what is in the best interest of the players, teams, and the clubs we all serve.

The PDF league is considered the top league in the city for U8-U10 boys and girls players and teams. The competition for the girls and boys is outstanding. Many of the Houston female players currently playing in college programs across the country began playing for their youth clubs in the PDF girls league.

The PDF Board, Clubs operate collectively with the highest sense of integrity, in the most ethical manner to benefit all of our young players.